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A beautiful mess!


Perfection they see her as

But she knows she is far from it in her eyes

She has it all under control and many are proud of what she has become

And some others still want more, thinking they know what’s best for her soul

She lays there not worrying much, knowing her soul has a perfect match



She tries to take it easy but the people in her life drive her crazy

She never stops believing but still searching

All she wants to do is create, preparing for the day that she will be great

People always tell her she is beautiful but she knows she is a beautiful mess

A work in progress….


She might be scared to let anyone get close

She tried it once or twice but it took her no place else

She rather spends time on her own trying to make sense of things

Trying to understand more about others

What a perfect beautiful mess she is!


… be continued!


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My security blanket!

My Security blanket!

Where there is love
I know I’m home
It’s my comfort zone
That’s where I belong
Cos’ it lets me be and nothing more
If you have it, you’re blessed
Cos’ it surpasses all the other things that are cursed

You see God takes away what you don’t need
So don’t take heart if you lose what you thought you needed
Cos he doesn’t want you to unnecessarily bleed
If you want to be the light
You have to resist the heatsecurity blanket

Just because you see it, it don’t mean you have to believe it
Just cos you believe it, it don’t mean you see it

Don’t depend on another human being
Don’t think for a second they will take you to the promised land
Make sure you bow to your only God
Don’t be scared, do what you think is right
I am a human being! Nothing human can be alien to me, Dr Maya said

You can’t fight one battle and be crowned the fighter of the year
Nor will you get the belt made of a lion skin
You can’t lose a battle and be labelled as the loser of the century either
So keep doing what you do and ball
Sometimes you’re going to fall
Its up to you if you want to keep the dust and let it stay all
Or bring it up, dust it off and keep moving on!
Yes! life is going to hurt you, but if you have love, it surpasses it all!


I was your home

You came in to my space
Just doing your exercise
Have tea, eat my food and relax

You felt at home with me you said
Then we’d talk, hug and you’d kiss me good night

Funny though, you didn’t know how to love me
I tried showing you, how silly
But honey you didn’t even know how to love you, let alone me
And that was what stopped you from getting closer to me


Blessed more like!

Lucky am I? blessed more like, I believe

The missing jigsaw was found without me looking for it

The heart that was restless found a resting place

Our souls met way before us- in a sacred place

Many times I saw you in my dreams, caressing my face
What you seek is seeking you said Rumi once

You’re my king and I your queen- together we’ll build more than a house

Never thought it could be this easy and blessed

But I knew you were waiting for me under the light

You give me hope- the future looks so bright

This is our time- to shine and to bring that light in others

To help them see life is more than themselves

Always love- Bersi xoxo