Dear Past

Don't let your past make you bitter but better :)
Don’t let your past make you bitter but better 🙂

Praying for strength to be strong
Walking the road that’s been due long
I heard my heart saying to my soul
Salute your past and shout so long

I keep looking but I can’t see
I keep hearing but I can’t listen
It all seems simple but nothing is easy
There’s a fine line, It ain’t always what it seems to be

The fear of going into the unknown
Not knowing what will happen in the dawn
Seeing people’s faces with a frown
Wondering if I’m going mad or in fact being a clown
Questioning myself, what if I go down

Asking me why can’t I be ordinary
Acting like its all honky dory
slaying their dreams mercilessly
But realising others graciously
Moving forward aimlessly

Now it all seems bleary
Everyone thinking its arbitrary
Not what I need right now, not necessarily
According to them, they’re just looking out for me

My dear past turned me into a vivid restless captive
Paid no heed to it and yet it was still active
But now its time to let go and be creative
Let it out of my system with a laxative
And not have an immune system that is sensitive

My dear past, I ’m proud to announce
That I won’t deal with your nonsense
You cost me a lot of patience
I run out of my allowance
Time to send you where you won’t make a difference
May God be with you, Rest in peace!


2 thoughts on “Dear Past”

  1. Goodbye past! This is definitely something everyone can relate to especially now. Heres to an awesome future! Looking forward to more of your beautiful work x


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