Motivation, poems


Perseverance is my second name
Love and peace is what I crave
Hate and sadness is what I left behind
I learnt a lot in the past few days
It don’t faze me that people are heartless
Stopped asking questions that don’t have answers
Learnt to accept, ‘cos that’s just the way it is! 

I started being mindful
Whoever isn’t, is a fool
Look at your glass half full
Time to accept things and move on
You only have yourself to rely upon

Find a positive thing in your life
Concentrate on yourself
On what you have; and not, what you could’ve had
Or what you will or should have
In with the good and out with the bad

Move forward
Agree to disagree
Channel your opinions, its free

Stop comparing yourself with anyone
‘Cos their chapter 20 might be your chapter one
Otherwise it will be an insult to your anima
‘cos what you go through and do, no one will know or understand
Love the ones you love
Don’t hate, learn to be neutral

Don’t be scared to say no
Be happy for real‘ cos otherwise your heart will know
When you can’t change it-learn to accept it all
Don’t settle for less though, you can still have it all

Stay away from negative influence
‘cos there will be an impasse
Learn from your mistakes
And from others if you must

But don’t let other people’s experience affect your life
Most of all, Live! don’t just breath and survive.


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