Hope meets future!

Hope is leaking disappointment is sinking
Haters are losing, me I am pimping
Success is creeping, failure is limping
Sadness is crying, Happiness is shining,
Fear is falling, dreams are happening
And you my loved ones… just keep smiling!!

Never Lose hope even when you can't see it!!
Never Lose hope even when you can’t see it!!

Be bankrupt of hatred and grudge
Become the neighbor of courage
Ignore rampage, move on! don’t be on the same page
Your surname let it be a quality Vintage!

Keep knocking at the door of opportunity
Move away from the blood of insanity
May your heart be flooded with serenity
May your pocket be full of creativity, but remember it’s all about simplicity
And trust you will be all quality for eternity!

Bleed the blood of patience
Cook peace and swallow silence
Don’t hide love; it is not a rocket science
Whatever good thing comes your way embrace
And you will see you’ll get paid from the Universe in abundance

Chop the evil and step on the devil
Find yourself, try to delete the turmoil
Don’t forget, no matter what, you will always be proud on your soil
Don’t give up if u fail, even if your wings are on fire and want to retire!

Don’t postpone joy,
Whatever you do make sure you enjoy
Most of all, don’t let anyone or anything make you cry
If it’s not for you, leave it behind and say bye
‘Cos you don’t want to miss out on the next hi.


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