My beloved land!

Brothers and sisters losing their lives
Fathers and mothers crying out their eyes
Authorities denying
Governments twaddling and sitting with their hands tied
Its exactly what they did with what happened in Sinai
How much more for these people to find peace of mind

Eritreans, some of you might be proud of being it
Some of you may hate to be called it
Some of you confused, if you love it and what not
And some of you don’t really give a toss about it

Shall I call u a beloved or cursed country
Clearly you’re far from a sanctuary
Your people fought for you for half a century
And now they are trying to get away from you, cos you’re dreary
don’t you think its quite scary?

Precious land, everyone wants you
Yet they don’t want to help your people neither you
Don’t let this faze you
A bit more and better days will be with you!


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