Motivation, poems

Still Standing!

Lately I have been contemplating
That life is fascinating
Though I haven’t found its true meaning
I can tell you, there is a thin line between living and surviving

I am breathing fine
I have got my head above the water line
Struggling to know the true meaning of my life
Fighting my battles like the “Good Wife”

People are messed up
Wanting to be the only ones suited up
Wanting you on them to look up
Ask for more portion like Oliver twist
Because they have a head that is literally twistedfailure image

In this world we live in today
Some have a head that is decayed
If only you can take it out like a tooth that aches
Still can’t tell the good from the bad
I sometimes wonder if I have been given too much heart
Or they, a little of it because there was nothing left in the bag

My life is a perfect epitome of failure
Right now that’s all I can see in the mirror
My reflection is asking me questions that I can’t answer

My mind, a clutter
My soul braver
My body, stronger
My heart, still a lover
The whole of me a survivor
But sometimes, just sometimes, every inch of me gets weaker
My people treating me like a stranger

Wait! They’re not my people anymore
One day you’re a no one, next day they call you mi’amor
I’m not bitter, don’t get me wrong
I certainly don’t have anger
Believe me I’m trying to calculate it all, I’m all eager
But most of all I’m a believer!

Those same people who were under the ground
Now they making a big sound
Feeling like they own the world
Walking on it as if they’re the only ones around
Believe me as God is my witness, mark my word
That tomorrow they will be silent, won’t even find a word

All I got is a pen and a paper
One day I’ll look back and remember
That all I had and still have is a believing thunder!
Inside of me that shines and will never surrender!


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