Love, poems

If it was up to me!!!

If it was up to me I will sleep on your heart every night
I would give you the sun and the moonlight
All the stars shinning bright

But, my heartbeat races better than me
When I think of you and me
Precious, I will let your soul live within me
So that I know you’re always with me

If it was up to me!

You can be the dream and I will be the true
You can be too good and I will still be true
Every day I would keep the sky clear, blue
I would have one season and call it me and you

I would take away all your troubles
Make you a house made of rare diamonds
And let the showers be blessings

But if you let me…..

I can fill your life with nothing but everlasting happiness
Crown you the only king of my heart of hearts
Give you only the best, nothing less
My precious!


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