May be!

May be

May be this is not meant to be
May be I am not meant to be happy
May be God has massive plans for me
Something that I’m not yet ready to see

May be I’m one of the people who are meant to be sad
May be I’m meant to be the greatest in that
Feeding the emotion that is obsessed
Which will never feel satisfied

may be image

May be there is a halo on me that I’m not aware of
A blessing in disguise that I’m yet to be aware of
May be there is nothing more than this in this world
For me its just the end of the road

I have never felt as low as this in my life
It feels like I fell off the cliff and hurt myself
Going for the things I would never dream of
Doing things I have never imagined of

May be my heart is not meant to sustain happiness
Its as if it would explode into pieces if it does
Feed itself off my salty tears and my rotten dreams

May be I ‘m not meant to be normal
Like a beautiful fish sitting in the sun to get a tan
And you expect for it to stick around
May be my heart is made of a cart
So that everyone can step on it even if that’s not what I want
No matter how hard I try to avoid it

They say you be careful of what you wish for
‘cos sometimes you get things uncalled for

But this too will pass
So my heart,body and soul
Don’t give up just yet and stand tall
God’s child, he won’t leave you alone!


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