If it’s not alright, It’s not the end!


Everything is going to be alright
Don’t worry too much, never you mind
What people think and say about you
Let it don’t shake you

They will be talking and chatting
You will be dreaming instead of sleeping
Moving forward without tripping
Trying to think ahead
Without breaking your head

images (2)-end

Getting stronger counting your blessings
Paying no heed to their emissions
It’s just an empty air, worthless
Don’t waste your energy on that, its valueless

Invest your time on something meaningful
Something that is blissful
Invest on you, make your mind peaceful
But don’t forget inside, you must be beautiful
The road to being successful
Be mindful!!

Look after you, cos’ if you don’t nobody will
Unfortunately these days people are evil
But ignore that
And try to see beyond that

When times are hard, don’t let yourself crumble
Be humble
Never surrender
Thank your creator
And you’ll see you, slowly getting there!!!


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