Beyond Forever!

Beyond Forever!

Thinking of you till dawn
Watch me lift the ground
And bring the sky down
Shutdown the shutdown
To make your soul reunited with my own
Holding hands and walk towards down town

Oh how I pray to stand with you in the sun
I wouldn’t even mind holding you in the rain
Live life full of Love and freedom
Full of all gain and no pain
No hiding and no shame
But my heart is letting me down, it feels numb again

Oh I would walk on the cloud
Harvest the stars for you and the moon
Would have compromised with God
Let him let me sit on his right hand

My tears can’t stop from falling down
They’re making my cheeks burn
My brave heart cursing me over and over again
Wishing it belonged to someone alive and sane
Through all this I’m still hopeful cos’ I know God is watching down …on me!
I know he will save and forgive me
Regardless of all my struggles never backing down
And still believing in God and in me!


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