The soldier in me!

The Soldier in me

IMG-20140505-WA017This endless fear that I feel
It makes me doubt myself
And makes me isolate myself
Wanting to unravel my soul
Wanting to unfurl it all

But not understanding how
Not knowing what to do
Walking to the unknown like the experts do
Yet feeling certain of something
But not knowing a single thing

The evil is trying to put me down
Hearing a false praise from everyone
Yet keeping my head up and not giving up
The soldier in me is still with me
Telling me not to listen to the enemy

Scared of the responsibilities
Afraid of the duties
Marching to the future, not knowing what it will be
I know I’m here to do something big
I can see it, I can even feel it

This force that’s beyond me is keeping me going
Keeping me alive
The soldier in me never abandoned my life
The soldier in me planted a seed and it has finally come to life!


One tear of Love!

One tear of Love

One day, when I make it on my own
And make my family proud of their own…blood
What they created has finally stood out of the crowd
Make them feel like they’re wearing The crown!
I cannot wait to give all I can
Running the ground
Until I all burn out


But right now I’m stuck
I can’t go up or down, everything is black!
There is no light to be seen, it’s all dark

I feel like I’m paying for a debt that I owed
That I didn’t know about
Making sound to block the sound in my head!

But the best thing is I know I don’t just stand with my own skin
I have a family I can call my very own
And even though I don’t often belong
I have something I can turn to and never pretend

Lord! I thank you for the blessing you keep giving
Cos’ there are many out there without this doing
Thank you Lord for the Love I have and keep getting
Thank you for letting me brag about the one thing I have
Unconditional love! That won’t even do it, it’s beyond that
Love is everything people! You should all know that!!
If you had a tear of Love please thank your God!