Daddy’s words!


I said enough is enough
And I didn’t say it while I was having a laugh
I said never again never!!!
I said it with a dashing anger
Mum said child, you know you’re clever than that and
Daddy said so, never say never again like that
Don’t expect anything he said, that way you’ll be happier
Then, everything will be easier

Disappointment is what you get when you expect something to get
But it doesn’t mean not expecting is not getting
Sometimes you can get while you expect
And at times you get when it’s the least you expect
It’s not only about getting and expecting but also about giving

The more you give and the more you expect nothing
The more you realize something, that giving is a blessing
That most people don’t know how to do
For them its like a taboo

Some of you might not agree where this is heading
and might say its all about giving and getting
And I say if you’re blessed enough just give
Like what Daddy has been doing all his life
He has been blessed enough to see life like this

Now some might think that this is a joke
Waiting for the punch line to drop
Others will kick you while you’re down
Treating you like a clown
Seeing themselves as the most talented people in town
Taking things to the next whole new level
Considering themselves being the most clever
Just because they went to school and read some paper

But Daddy used to say, wisdom doesn’t come from reading few papers
It comes from experiencing life itself
What you come across and the hurdles you cross
Its about not getting cross when dealing with things that are dangerous
Its about weighing options and coming to sensible decisions
Now daddy is a man of few words
But the man has got a heart made of rare diamonds

I was wondering why I was made like this
Wondering why I can’t be like others, heartless!!
Daddy has thought me wonderful things
I know It’s hard following his steps

But I pray for more strength!
To keep up with the good work and nice deeds!


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