I come home and put my keys where they belong
Take my shoes off and take a deep breath for long
Take my clothes off and slip into something comfortable
While I reminisce and surf into my own bubble

9-5 image

I ask myself, is this how life is supposed to be?
Working 9 to 5 like you got nowhere better to be
Working hard trying to succeed
Asking God, make my life better please
Trying to figure out what the purpose of it all is
Spend a bit of time to do some soul searching
Telling yourself, I need more time than this

Stopping for a minute to look at your surrounding
Convincing your soul, at list I got this to pay the bills
Falling into some serious but rather confused discussion
Wondering if you could rely on what might be your creation
Whether you can risk what you have and follow your passion
Questioning if it could give you the satisfaction

See most people struggle to even know what their passion is
To figure out what they are really good at
To find out what their contribution to this world is
To unravel where their foundation lays
To see if anybody cares

See we all are searching trying to find where we belong
Truth is we belong to our inner soul and where we come from
Spending too much time trying to fit in, forgetting that we already have a home
Remember to build it and make it strong before its long gone!
Accept it! Nourish it! Cherish it!
Cos’ if you don’t, don’t expect anybody to do the same!
And expect them to take the blame.


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