The worst thing is feeling worthless
Get your map ready before you get lost
What others think of me, I couldn’t care less
What’s my worth though? Priceless
I’m not saying I’m perfect, Cos’ I too make mistakes
But without them, I wouldn’t be learning these lessons

Mistakes and lessons gave birth to experience
If you’ve been playing it safe, you can’t tell me you’re wise
But don’t forget, it all comes with a price

If you mess up one time you’re gone
They act like they have a perfect soul
They think their value is a 100 carat gold
But they don’t know, they are just not the pure kind
They shine for a second but the next minute they’re gone
They see you but they act like a pure blind

Well, guess what? My mistakes don’t define who I am
But they contribute towards who I become
Some think they can walk away, doing what they’ve done
Undermining the power of the universe and the sun

No pity needed, nobody got hurt
Just grateful for my mistakes, it’s no dirt
don’t hide it, use it to create!
They opened the eyes of my mind and my heart
they think they hurt me but, its working for my own benefit
If you’ve got a story like mine, show it off! make a story out of it.


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