Brighter sunshine!


You keep me warm

Untouchable like the sun, unfathomable

Out of sight and out of mind, just like I was blind

Standing next to your skin was enough, like I was not able

I see you, but everything else was gone with the wind

My imagination as it would, stopped running wild


In your soul’s presence, all is just fine

Though I felt like the moon without its own light

You brought the sun with you to keep me warm and lightened

You never left your heart behind, cos’ to me you have always been kind


I know you might think I may come across as a strong person

Would do anything to cross the ocean

Might be true to a certain extent

But you’re reading the opposite reflection

I understand, I have never left the doors to my being open

But even then, you love me without a single condition


See, I was taught I had to protect the self

Cos’ people come and go but I will be left with their leftovers

Leaving me with no time at all to clean mostly what matters

So better resist it all even when it comes to their love

‘Cos it left me doubting of its existence

My solution? Never settle, just have a life full of affairs


Always keeping the door half open

Taste the water first before you get involved proper

Each time, I tried to open it to the fullest hoping for the better

But if it doesn’t work you know you have to end the chapter.

Best believe you have some cleaning to do after.


This might have been the past, present but never the future

I know I won’t have to worry now, cos my sunshine is already here.

It’s the present! But the future, I can see it’s brighter than ever!







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