All we want is…

All we want is to feel safe and be loved
To open our hearts and let people see
To fall asleep deeply without a single worry
All we want is to be heard and be seen
To be understood even when it’s hard to explain
To be hugged and feel the connection
To let go and never fight on every occasion


To be free and have a sense of belonging
To feel and touch what we’ve been longing

To tell our beloved ones we love them
seize the moment, yes Carpe diem!

All we want is to be accepted
Even when we do things that are not accepted
To feel comfortable even when there is a deadly silence
to shout out all our darkest secrets

All we want is to be asked if we are ok
For someone to dry our tears and tell us that all is gonna be ok

But all of these sounds too complicated
We rather hide out and pretend we’re strong
Show that we have no emotion to avoid being hurt
And avoid being treated like dirt

All my life, all I have ever known is love
The comfort & mystery of it and what not
It has always saved me even when I’m in deep trouble

My beloved soul, full of it and it always has been
But when I see coldness it makes me question

May be, just may be this is not meant to be
But how can u go against what u have known all your life?
And brush it off saying it’s just a fantasy and not the real life
Makes me question what the problem  is with humanity
Has it always been like this or is it just my evolving insanity

We need for our souls to be saved and not betrayed
But we can’t do that if we keep lying and playing with it
But I still have me, all of me still believing in it
And I know I have God and the soul of the world to thank for it.


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