The winner stands alone!

Do I cry anymore? Do I just ignore it all?
Do I laugh? Am I glad it ended before the start?
Do I chase? Do I feel betrayed?
Am I gonna allow to be the victim again?


My heart still beating its old rhythm
It opened up doors for a dead rhythm
It trusted again, it showed me it’s alive even when it preferred to stay hidden
My brave heart smiles
If it was like the old times, it would have shed some tears
This is how it’s supposed to be, just happy days
Never have any regrets!

Celebrating the good times it had
The touch, the smell and the lips it kissed
The success it tasted and hugs it once had

The brighter days are very near
The gloomy days are way over!
Nothing can knock it down, cos it’s still the winner
And the winner stands alone, even when it’s winter!
And refuses to stand with a group and be a loser!


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