The best of me!

The best of me is yet to come

I’m not ready to succumb

I’m not ready to give up yet on what’s to come

I’m  loving the person that I have become

But for the most part, I don’t expect any of you to understand

I gave up on the conditions I used to give myself; and refuse to be given conditions to be loved

I deserve endless love which I already have!

Nothing attached to it, just the pure kind!

The best of me!

Letting go of my resistance

Smiling every time I get a chance

What others think of me has less importance

It does not define anymore my worthiness

And I don’t have to justify my beingness

Universe, hit me with all the goodness

I’m ready to take what’s mine out of the vortex

I don’t have to prove it to anyone, I’m worthy!

I was born ready,

I was born blessed and not lucky

Embrace it or not, I’m ready to be

The best of me!


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