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A beautiful mess!


Perfection they see her as

But she knows she is far from it in her eyes

She has it all under control and many are proud of what she has become

And some others still want more, thinking they know what’s best for her soul

She lays there not worrying much, knowing her soul has a perfect match



She tries to take it easy but the people in her life drive her crazy

She never stops believing but still searching

All she wants to do is create, preparing for the day that she will be great

People always tell her she is beautiful but she knows she is a beautiful mess

A work in progress….


She might be scared to let anyone get close

She tried it once or twice but it took her no place else

She rather spends time on her own trying to make sense of things

Trying to understand more about others

What a perfect beautiful mess she is!


… be continued!



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