It was the words that I fell for

In the end, it was the words that were hurtful

And it’s still words that I’m in love with

Remember you choose what you want to hear

Like I was told once by him

After the conversation we had-

he said….

B! you chose what you wanted to hear- don’t be sad

Not my fault at all he added

But I didn’t want it to end

So I refused to accept anything that wasn’t it

But finally- he’s gone!

Finally I can move on

But the words, they still live on!




Beautiful mess…..3!

Often she finds herself justifying her actions

No one will ever know- her secrets all hidden in the deepest oceans

She is never desperate, she knows what she wants

She is very fortunate!

Never settles!


Knowing the universe’s got her back, she smiles

She wants to wear a makeup and dance

Not for the boys but for herself, feeling like a million dollar helps

It makes her feel special- it makes her feel wanted and loved

What she wants to be- FLAWLESS!

She knows she can never be, but also glad to be herself

But she also knows

…….what a beautiful mess this is!


She has dreams and not just ordinary ones

She despises being realistic

She whispers to herself, I’m gonna be alright!

I’m destined to be big- this is it!

But at times she gets scared and feels she might not handle it


Fear she says….fear she says

I’m not scared of being afraid- not scared of facing it!

Lately that’s all she seems to be thinking of

She knows she can’t content everyone on this planet

And she’s finally made peace with it


Can’t you see she is so beautiful but also messyful

….to be continued