Love, Motivation

New chapter

Lucky am I? blessed more like I believe

The missing jigsaw was found without me looking for it

The heart that was restless found a resting place

Our souls met way before us- in a secret place

Many times I saw you in my dreams, caressing my face


What you seek is seeking you, said Rumi once

You’re my king and I your queen- together we’ll build more than a house

Never thought it could be this easy and blessed

But I knew you were waiting for me under the light

You give me hope- with you the future looks so bright


This is our time- to shine and to bring out the light in others

To help them see life is more than what they think it is

Having you in my life has been a beautiful bliss

Our journey starts now- it’s about to be a never-ending kiss

I love you- always remember this






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