Love, Motivation

New chapter

Lucky am I? blessed more like I believe

The missing jigsaw was found without me looking for it

The heart that was restless found a resting place

Our souls met way before us- in a secret place

Many times I saw you in my dreams, caressing my face


What you seek is seeking you, said Rumi once

You’re my king and I your queen- together we’ll build more than a house

Never thought it could be this easy and blessed

But I knew you were waiting for me under the light

You give me hope- with you the future looks so bright


This is our time- to shine and to bring out the light in others

To help them see life is more than what they think it is

Having you in my life has been a beautiful bliss

Our journey starts now- it’s about to be a never-ending kiss

I love you- always remember this





Love, Motivation

Beautiful Mess 2!



She keeps things to herself but sometimes she thinks out loud!

All she wants is to be loved, the pure kind

She wants a real connection

But at times wonders if she is really connected

She knows she is always blessed and takes nothing for granted


A beautiful mess!

Could it be she is running from responsibilities?

Afraid she might disappoint her loved ones including herself

Only because she’s done just that for as long as she remembers

But she’s had enough of them, done everything by the rules

At times she wants to be serious but hates the smell of seriousness

Still searching for the right balance

looking for some guidance


She doesn’t need an arm to protect her

Cos to begin with, she won’t let anyone close to hurt her

She wants to break free and wants to end all the mockery

This is her story


……to be continued