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My favorite time

My fav time was to go to bed
Not to do anything silly but to hug you instead
Looking at your eyes my heart’ d melt
What beautiful times we had spent

Its like you were with me enjoying the moment
But God knows what was in your head

You made me feel loved and protected
And I didn’t care about the rest of it
You wanted to marry me
But few days later you disappeared

My heart heavy
My soul free
You left me, hanging
Never felt Betrayed!
Did you ever love me? I doubt it


I was your home

You came in to my space
Just doing your exercise
Have tea, eat my food and relax

You felt at home with me you said
Then we’d talk, hug and you’d kiss me good night

Funny though, you didn’t know how to love me
I tried showing you, how silly
But honey you didn’t even know how to love you, let alone me
And that was what stopped you from getting closer to me